Brazilian Série A

Follman returns to Chapecoense

After losing part of a leg in the 2016 plane crash that claimed 71 lives, Jackson Follmann has signed a deal to return to Chapecoense.

Brazilian Série A

Gremio: Arthur to Barca is imminent

Although no deal has yet been completed with Barcelona for Arthur, Gremio's president says the transfer is close.

Brazilian Série A

Arthur's Barca move falls through

Barcelona had been reported to have sealed a deal for Gremio's Arthur in February, but new reports state that the transfer has broken down over a deadlock in financial negotiations.

Copa Sudamericana

Guardiola criticises South American football

Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola has ruffled some feathers after criticising the discipline of players in the South American leagues.

World Cup

Brazil's Mane Garrincha stadium, king of the white elephants

Brasiliense and Bolamense clubs were playing on one of Brazil's biggest stages, a 73,000 capacity stadium in the capital Brasilia -- and with just 100 or so supporters in attendance.

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